Apr 15, 2007

Ada OR Valsan

What a treat! I was lucky to get some plantain leaves, so decided to make this as an evening snack. Takes me back to the days when my brother and I would wait at the dining table, while mom serves hot yummy ada. I miss those days when I could just enjoy good food without any hard work!


Aruna said...

Vini, First time here at ur blog, Ur Ada looks very delicious.

Last weekend, I was so tempted to eat some snack at teatime & made ada using puutu mavu ( red rice flour, as I didnt have plain rice flour), using Wax paper as the banana leaf, read it in some blog. It was a total disaster :-) The covering hadnt cooked even after 10 mins of steaming & sticked to the paper...

I think I will try it with plain rice flour, please do post ur recipe... Thx.


Reena said...

my mom makes valsan and i never appreciated it. now that i am here so craving for it.

Anonymous said...

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