Apr 7, 2007


The easiest dish to prepare when I'am not in one of the "rise and shine" moods. It was not one of my favorites as a child. But that's not the case anymore! Anyways, here's my recipe for the same.


1. Semolina - 1 cup

2. Onion chopped - 1 no.

3. Green Chillis - 4

4. Ginger chopped fine - 1" pc

5. Curry leaves - 1 sprig

6. Channa dal - 1/2 tsp

7. Turmeric pd. - a pinch

8. Salt - as per taste

9. Water - 2 cups

10. Grated coconut - 3 tbsp

11. Coriander leaves - a handful (chopped)

12. Oil or ghee - 1/4 cup


1. Dry fry semolina till light brown. Keep an eye, as it burns pretty fast. When done move to a plate to cool.

2. In the same pan take oil or ghee (you can mix both). When hot add in the mustard. Once the mustard is done spluttering go ahead and put in the channa dal, ginger, green chillis , turmeric pd. and curry leaves.

3. When the onion turns soft, add water and required amount of salt. Bring to a boil. Gradually add the semolina and keep stirring to avoid formation of lumps. When the water is all absorbed add the chopped corainder leaves and coconut. Mix well.

4. Serve hot with chutney. I personally like it with banana and sugar.

NOTE: You can add a few drops of lime/ lemon juice when the water is boiling.

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Latha said...

Hi Vini,

:-) You are most welcome. I know what you mean. Comments from readers give us a lot of motivation to blog/write better. And of course cook more :-)
I look forward to comments too. Especially from my non-blogger anonymous readers.
Anyways, cooking, writing and food photography is more of a passion for me.
Keep going with your wonderful posts and if you can do take part in the food events of the blogging world. That will surely increase publicity. You can find a list on my blog on the right hand side. You will find a more current and full list of events in Asha's Foodie's Hope or Aroma.
Another good tactic I see otherwise blogger friends use is to visit other blogs and leave comments. That way people will most surely visit your site. I try to do my share. But i'm too pressed for time. The precious 1/2 hour I get in the night after my kids go to sleep is the time i use to surf other blogs and leave comments where i can :-)
Hope these tips help. I will surely add your blog to my blogroll. That might help.
Meanwhile, keep making those yummy dishes and posting about them.
Upma is my favorite! My husband hates it! I make it anyway for me and the my kids :-)