May 10, 2011

Berry Delicious - Strawberry Smoothie

Perfect way to beat a hot day!!


1. Strawberries - 6 to 8 large
2. Vanilla Ice-cream - 2 big scoops
3. Milk (whole or 2 percent) - 1 cup
4. Ice cubes - a few


1. Blend strawberries, ice cubes and milk.

2. Add the ice cream and whip for not more than 3 seconds, so the smoothie retains a thick consistency.

Just like any other recipe, there are so many ways to make a smootie! To make the above kid friendly, can add a variety of fruits.
For those who are watching their diet, stick to low fat milk and instead of ice cream add yogurt.


Arun Kumar said...

Looks awesome!! Enjoyed the wonderful smoothie. Thanks!

Rushali said...

looks absolutely delicious...and the presentation is superb...

VINI said...

Thanks Arun and Rushu for ur lovely comments!!